Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law is the set of laws that provide rules for insolvency proceedings to help restore the financial stability of a person or company unable to repay its outstanding debts…. Read More

Immigration Law

mmigration law is a very complex and intricate field of law that includes both Criminal and Immigration law. It also encompasses the rights of immigrants, including asylum, work authorization, deportation relief, and obtaining citizenship…. Read More

Patent Law

Patent law is a legal term which deals with the rights granted to inventors. The law grants inventors the exclusive right to control what happens with their invention for a certain time period…. Read More

Family Law

It is about how parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and in-laws interact with one another…. Read More

Tax Law

The law of taxation is complex for even the most skilled lawyer. This is where LegalDigital comes in. LegalDigital provides expert help in all aspects of tax law, including sales tax, corporate tax, and income taxes…. Read More

Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense law is the branch of law that provides legal protection for a person accused of a criminal offense…. Read More

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